Unlike his parents who champed at the bit to earn our driver’s license, Son has waited until the ripe, but still young age of 22 to get his learner’s permit. This, of course, requires a licensed driver to be occupying the passenger seat of the vehicle in which he is in control. Sometimes I am that required  licensed person.

Most of the time, occupying the passenger seat licenses me to read. In fact, normally, I love to be driven so that I can read. Being the teacher of a future safe driver does, however, trump the reader. I need to be as alert or more so than the student driver.

On a recent trip between Springfield and home, Son was driving, the radio was on so low that initially I was not listening. But as any good teacher knows, repetition eventually filter into my gray matter to hear a commercial as redundant as a scratched vinyl record album:

“If you are a male over 25 and have at least 30 pounds to loose listen to this offer for Sensa for Men. Sensa for Men is the most reliable form of weight-loss…So, if you are male, over 25, and have at least 30 pounds to lose, hurry and take advantage of this offer for Sensa for Men.”

Possibly because of my own body image I began to ponder, “Why men? Is there something in it that would be lethal to women? I wonder what would happen if I would take Sensa for Men.”

After a few minutes, I gave voice to my thought process, “I wonder what would happen if a woman took Sensa for Men.”

Son’s return was as quick and sure as one of Roger Federer’s, “She’d probably leave the toilet seat up.”

Where does he come up with this stuff?