It appears that this is going to be one of the largest sales the Friends of the Champaign County Library has ever had.

The library is eliminating its VHS collection. I was warned about this a few weeks ago, because that fact means we need more room than we usually do, so the library director, Ty and I determined exactly how we would spill over into normal library areas.

In addition, someone evidently cleaned out their DVD collection and we have over 500 to sell. This includes new movies, old movies, old TV shows, some music DVDs. Some of the TV shows I remember include F Troop, Frazier, Bewitched, Third Rock from the Sun, Dallas, and Lost in Space (“Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!)

About 8 volunteers and I started at 9 a.m. with almost 7000 items that I had personally gone through and two piles (read: mountains) that I had not checked beforehand. As boxes of books are brought into the room for the sale from the closet where discards and donations have been stored, some volunteers dispense the books onto appropriate tables.

At least we hope they are appropriate tables. At one point, one of the workers found a DVD of Rambo in the books for the parenting section. We didn’t realize parenting now include hand-to-hand combat.

A few years ago, I kept finding a paperback copy of one of Michael Moore’s (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11) books on the fiction table. I wasn’t sure if a Republican volunteer was sending a message.

I’ve also found Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving on the table labeled “Religion.”

It was a long day – several of us worked about 10 hours, and we have boxes and boxes to go through and are still receiving donations.

For this sale, I expect we will have to get out the chandeliers to have a place to put some of the books.