After 2-1/2 years of unemployment, Husband got a more than full-time job. He is working second shift, six days and 53 hours a week.

Prior to this job, we ate dinner as a family every night, usually at 6 p.m. If Son’s work schedule conflicted, we adjusted dinner time accordingly. In addition to the regularity of the meal, we ate in a rut. That has nothing to do with either tire tracks or deer.

We had Taco Tuesday. (The tacos evolved over time from buying a seasoning packet to completely making our own.)

On Wednesday’s we usually ate spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread. (Prince spaghetti would be proud, but I’ve only seen the Prince’s ads – never the pasta.)

Friday’s were the most revered. Pizza night. It is such an obligation that this meal has now migrated to Sunday – the only day that we might all have a common meal. Last Sunday’s pizza dinner was after 10 p.m. because of Son’s shift.

In addition to the meals, communication is often deferred. The first month and a half of his new job, Husband worked the job and volunteered for the Doolittle Raiders and B-25 event at our airport. The next week I was in Vermont for Booktopia and came in tie to oversee the library book sale.

So, if we were sleeping in the same bed, it too was in shifts. One would leave while one was sleeping and the other would come home when the other was zonked.

Today, Wednesday, was Son’s day off and I suggested that we have spaghetti before Husband goes to work. This was fine except we needed a few items at the grocery.

I was heading out the door to go to the store when Husband asked if he could come along. I was surprised, but pleased, “Yeah!”

It turned out it isn’t only meals that need to return to normal. It has been so long since Husband and I had done our store dance, we forgot our choreography.

No matter where I looked, Husband was not on my left, where he used to be when we shopped. Mostly, I think we both were used to doing our shopping alone lately.

We negotiated the store, had a nice meal but Husband didn’t eat much. He said, “I’m not used to eating much at lunch.”

We’ll talk about doing this more often next time we catch each other awake at the same time.