My favorite local diner has been showing its true colors. Either it or someone else is just having trouble deciding what the true color is.

Rock ‘N Robin has a regular clientele. Some show up every morning for breakfast, some some mornings, some every meal and some evidently don’t have enough to do in their own lives and have been busy at the diner.

The entrance to the diner is up a ramp, which is sporting some new boards. The ramp ends on a deck which has been home to two circular iron table/seat combos. The first sign that someone had been in the  paint department was easily noticed. The tables were no longer one-tone red. The tables are orange and each of the four seats circling the table was painted a different primary color. New, and so far, mismatched umbrellas are available to supply shade for those who desire to dine al fresco.

The talk of the diner, however is a new addition to the deck. A wicker chair that most would have thought had no usefulness has been transformed into a planter.

The seat was torn but mostly replaced by a terra cotta-colored plastic planter sprouting plastic flowers. Initially the chair was baby blue. My friend and I didn’t comment about the color, but both of us thought the planter should have been seated lower in the chair so the top of the planter was even with the seat. Later we realized the construction of the chair wouldn’t allow that. Knowing Alice, we were sure the plastic flowers wouldn’t last.

A week later when my friend and I met for our weekly breakfast, the chair had been painted sun-yellow. Neither dishwasher liked it. I didn’t like it and some of the yellow covering blue looked like the 50s chartreuse from a distance. There was comment that it may not stay that color for long.

Evidently the color du week last week didn’t evoke the controversy like the previous week’s. Neither Amy nor I noticed until we were leaving that the chair was white. With real flowers.

Because of an early chauffeur call to get Son to work, I arrived at the diner a half hour before it opened. I might have thought I was too tired to notice, but I saw immediately that now the chair is a pinky-salmon. I liked it. However, now the planter is yellow plastic. It did not look painted, so I believe it is a different one – still sitting higher than the seat.

Maybe instead of writing a blog I should write a song about Alice’s Amazing Technicolor Dream Chair or the Chair of Many Colors or La Chaise est Bleu… there are so many possibilities.

Obviously someone in our town has an inner da Vinci trying to come out.