Husband has been dutiful about getting to the doctor quarterly. These quarterly visits are two part, first he goes for blood work and then a week later to see the doctor to get the results of the testing. His doctor does the lab work. No visit to the hospital or a lab, all the work is done at and through the doctor’s office.

In the 2-1/2 years since Husband was laid-off, the costs of these visits were paid for by us. We have not had medical insurance since November, 2009, so any medical care has come out of our pockets.

At times, the fees have been more than we could handle at one time, so payments were made. And, at times, one visit would get paid off just in time to start accumulating another bill.

My doctor has given me options when I’ve needed lab work, including referring me to a business where I could have several tests done for less money than Husband paid for his one test. But, Husband doesn’t go to the same doctor that I do.

When Husband found a job at the end of March, we were both relieved because soon, we would have medical insurance. After being on the job for 90 days, we would have insurance again.

This has not precluded our visits to the doctor. I have encouraged Husband to keep up his medical visits because his well-being is more important than the money.

Yesterday, the doctor’s office called while we were out and left a message on the answering machine. The call was twofold. First, it was a reminder of the appointment. Secondly, we were informed that the office was now associated with a medical entity in Marysville and therefore other payment possibilities existed.

This sounded optimistic – especially since we have less than 30 days until we have insurance.

Husband arrived on time for his fasting blood test, after a night of not sleeping well because the appointment was earlier than he would have made after working until after midnight and he was worried he would over sleep (so what’s the solution to oversleeping? Worrying yourself to fitful sleep, of course).

Tiredness and hungriness were soon supplemented by crankiness because he was informed that he would have to pay his bill in full before the lab work could be done. Having neither adequate cash nor his checkbook, he went off to buy something at Walmart to get cash to pay the medical bill.

He told me that it was a very good thing that he was not there to get his blood pressure tested.

I’ll bet.