It is almost 11 p.m. The weatherbug program is showing me that the temperature is a scalding 91 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, weatherbug has been tweeting at me all night (not to be confused with sending me tweets). The program chirps when there is a weather notification from the weather bureau.

It’s trying to tell me it’s hot.


As my dinner was cooking in the oven (why didn’t that frozen fish have microwave directions?), I started a load of laundry. After Jeopardy, I hung the laundry on the line. To clarify, I hung the laundry on a clothes line at 8 p.m. Yes, the sun was on it’s way down, but I felt the grass under the line was extending it’s tongue to slurp any moisture off the wet clothes.

Unfortunately, by the time I was done hanging the clothes, I was wetter and dripping more than the clothes. I needed to be hung out to dry.

I would be hot under the collar except that I’m wearing a T-shirt. Not my favorite style of clothing to wear, but the lighter fabric, the better the wicking.

I would like to beat the heat, but that implies too much physical activity. But, I will beat it to a room with air conditioning instead.

I stopped at the Springfield library this afternoon and was astonished at how full the parking lot was. Normally there is generous amounts of parking spaces available. I decided there were many smart people taking advantage of the air conditioned library.

Okay, I’m going to hang one more load of laundry. At least at this time of night I only have to worry about  getting a moon burn.