No, I didn’t drop off the face of the earth, but I felt as if I wanted to since my life crashed to a halt.

Two weeks ago, I had a story to write – one I promised someone I would write. Unfortunately, my Adult Deficit Remembering Disorder kicked in until after I had put my computer to sleep for the night. I climbed into bed, pulled up the covers and before I turned the light out next to the bed, one went on over my head (figuratively). I remembered that I promised to write of something that happened that day (I’ll write that one tomorrow.)

I moved from the bed to the computer and hit the button to start the computer. The light came on and the reassuring Macintosh chime sounded. Instead of my usual desktop photo, I watched as the computer started an exercise I knew meant it was trying to rebuild itself. I know exercise is better done hours before bed, so I turned it off thinking I would try again in the morning.

After we both had a good night’s sleep, I hit the button, heard the chime, and anxiously watched as the screen showed rebuilding exercise again. O.K., I’ll wait this out.

The computer evidently liked it so much, it went a second round. Yep! It finished what it started to do and immediately started to rebuild again.

Without reading either the Computers for Idiots or Macintosh for Dummies (I can never rationalize whether I’m an idiot or a dummy), I knew this was not good.

A phone call to my not-so-local repair shop, resulted in a trick or two to try, but no solution. Since the computer had an extended warranty, I needed to take it to the Apple Store on the western side of Columbus.

At the Apple Store, I was informed my hard drive was shot. The replacement of the hard drive was covered by warranty, but the retrieval of the information from my hard drive was not. It would be best if someone else downloaded the info from the hard drive then bring it back to Apple where it would take five days to get it back.

Now, I am proving I am both an idiot and a dummy since I had no recent back-up of my writing, my calendar, my address book, and hundreds of other items.

My favorite repair place (the one I called earlier) had closed for the day, so I returned to Urbana to make another trip to Columbus (central) the next day.

Over the next week, I made six round trips to Columbus to drop off or pick-up the computer. I felt the car should have been able to find its way without assistance from the GPS by the final trip.

Also over that week, I had to call doctors and friends to find out when we had appointments or dates. I had to call somebody to find out somebody else’s phone number. I notified the library to not send me e-mails when books I requested arrived (I had easy access to my junk e-mail account, but not my “good” one.)

The height of comedy came when Son needed the password for our router, “Do you have it?”

“Yes. It’s on my computer!” (It’s now written where we all can find it.)

This tied-in with the discovery that the printer was kaput.

When I think back to our first getting on the internet, I recall one sister being stunned (in 1996) that people I worked with communicated with me exclusively by e-mail. We were used to picking up a telephone. Nowadays the mode of communication depends on the individuals involved (more on that another time).

One thing that has resulted from my trips to Columbus: I have found someone who will play Words-with-Friends with me (even after the receptionist bragged about my Jeopardy and Scrabble expertise). We’ve been playing for a week and seem evenly matched.

The day after I got my computer back, backed up and operating at the optimum, Husband woke as I got out of bed to ask, “What’s on your agenda today?”

I enumerated the day’s schedule then he asked, “Don’t you want to go to Columbus to buy a new printer?”

I only hit him with a pillow – not my newly fixed computer.