The name of a rock group of the late 1960s to mid 1970s allowed me to learn the terminology for a really, really cold night. The name of the band, of course, is Three Dog Night.

The explanation is that the colder the night, the more dogs needed to keep the bed warm.

I don’t think “zero dog night” works for summer, so I’ve been searching for a way to designate the heat of this particularly torrid summer.

After much experimentation, I have come up with the banana scale.

The hotter the forecast, the fewer the bananas I purchase, especially if the fruit is prime for eating when purchased. Let’s face it – this summer has been so hot that green bananas can turn brown by the time we travel from the store to home.

Last week a local store had bananas on sale for 44¢ a pound, 10¢ a pound less than the other stores in town.  I was happy to see the display included both prime for eating and bananas displaying various shades of green. I could buy a few bananas for immediate digestion and purchase some green ones and hopefully, with the weather’s cooperation, would be prime for eating by the end of the first bunch.

I bought a ready-to-eat bunch of about 5 bananas and a hand of six to ripen before eating.

How did I do?

Well, I gambled a bit.

The real unknown in the banana equation is not the fruit nor the weather. It’s Son. I never know when he is going to partake. It seems he most often decides he is hungry for one when that is exactly the number that are left in the house.

Many in the world need a morning cup of coffee to start the day; I need my morning banana. It’s not nice to mess with Mother’s banana, but I love him (Son) so, I forgive him when he eats the last one.

The purchased green bananas were perfect for ingesting when the first bunch was just a memory. Then the heat came back. I still have four bananas left and they are quickly approaching nut bread status.

That could work, too.

Cooler weather is predicted for the next few days. I should be able to eat one or two more leaving the perfect amount of the perfect ripeness to be an ingredient in a freshly baked banana nut bread.

Then, I know Son will be happy to help eat the last of the bananas.

Sounds like it’s going to be a three banana Friday.