Although I have many topics to write about, there is little time since this is the week of the Champaign County Library book sale, so I live the house before 8 a.m. and stop back to change clothes just before I’m due at work at 7 p.m. As of tonight, we have more books (almost 8,000) than we had at the comparable time six months ago when we ended up with 15,000 books. We should not hit that many this time since the library is not cleaning out its branch.

I do wonder about the course of books. Since I personally go through the majority of the books in the sale, I notice that some of the books are well traveled – better than I will ever be. It’s not uncommon to see books discarded by libraries in the region such as Springfield-Clark County, Dayton, Columbus, Greene County, and even my employer Urbana University library.

Seeing a book from the Toledo-Lucas County library, my native book source, piques my curiousity. “Who brought that down here?”

I’ve seen books from New York City, Maryland, Washington state, and California to name a few.

None of this paves the way for my question of the day, however.

Why is it called a “Book Sale”? We have, as previously noted, way more than one book. Why isn’t it a “Books Sale?”

Get back to me on that, will you please?