The cardinal rule at our house is that Christmas doesn’t start until the birthdays are over. That does shorten preparation time, so I need help. In the spirit of the season and Erma Bombeck I ask, “Should I take last year’s Christmas cards down before I put up this year’s or after?”

There have already been Christmas miracles at our house. We think that we can now officially be true to A Visit from St. Nicholas. Mouse number five (dubbed “Bruce” by the chief mouse wrangler) finally accepted the open door invite to a new live trap last night. So, come next Tuesday night the “not even a mouse” should be true for Santa’s visit.

Miracle #2 actually occurred first. I made Christmas cookies. I have refrained from doing this for many years since no one at this house needs cookies. Since we don’t usually have company to entertain, the cookies would only go to waist – ours. 

Part of the reason that I made the cookies was the library’s Christmas party. Several who had volunteered to supply cookies for Santa and his minions got sick or called out of town, so I decided to make sure no one would be sent home hungry.

One of the cookies that I made was Magic Cookie Bars that are so simple to make. I wanted to make them since no one else in this house would eat them because they contain coconut. I like them, so the party was the perfect excuse to have a lot for others and a few for me.

The final miracle came in two parts. Too soon after taking the bars out of the oven, I took a gooey gob to Son, asking him to try it. He has been much more adventurous with food choices, so…

“They have coconut in them.”

“Then I don’t want any.”

“Oh, try it.”

He’s hooked. “Those are go-od! You can’t even taste the coconut.”

Then, what to my wondering eyes did appear? Husband walking out of the kitchen with a couple balancing on his hand. Who was this man? Certainly not the one I’ve been married to for twenty-five years. I’d never been able to get him to eat anything new.

I wasn’t surprised when he said, “Both of us think these would be better without the coconut.”

I’ll take whatever miracles I can get.

Merry Christmas.