A couple of times recently I’ve come across a reference to “baby brain”. The connotation was that a woman who is about to have a baby or having just had a baby can not think properly – probably because of the reassignment and abundance free-range hormones.

Despite being a century past menopause, I’ve been experiencing my own version of “baby brain” the last two weeks. My excuse? I’ve referred to my muddled mind as “booksale brain”.

The library book sale was last week. During that week, I leave the house by 7 a.m. My return usually is at least 12 hours later. There were several instances where I explained my new malady, also acknowledging where I stole the reference. 

Sometimes “book sale brain” caused me to forget the word I needed to finish a thought. Other times it was the diagnosis was because I couldn’t remember where or how something was done previously.

The sale ended on Saturday. Sunday was a good recovery day – I had to rewind a show I had recorded at least 4 times because I kept falling asleep while trying to watch it.

Monday proved that my recovery was not complete.

I was leaving the house for two purposes. To take Son to work and then to return the big yellow rental signs that were on the library property to announce the sale to drivers-by.

I grabbed two sets of keys as I left the house with Son. The older white van would be used to transport the signs, but the newer gold van had the letters for the signs in it.

I used the electronic fob to open the gold van and asked Son to get the boxes of letters. He did and then walked to the other van and waited for me to unlock it so he could get in.

Despite being only one year older than the gold van, the white van uses ancient technology. I had to use a key to unlock my door and then presented with the problem of a Son standing on the other side with his hands full and how I could unlock the door, all I could think of since I didn’t have a fob. I walked around to the other side and used the key to unlock the slider.

Astonished, Son asked, “Why didn’t you just flip the lock switch (of the electronic lock)?”

Embarrassed and flustered, all I could answer was, “Because I still have book sale brain.”

I wasn’t happy with that answer, but he seemed to be.