Wow! I knew it had been awhile since I’ve written, but didn’t realize exactly how long. Time goes so quickly.

It’s almost 19 years that we have lived in our house. During that time we have caused much confusion for the mail man (and yes, we’ve only had a man). At first we got mail for the previous owner,  the AME Church, and its pastor. That was understandable. Husband having one last name while I use my own has to be confusing. That has been proven by a new person getting mail at this address. That person has Husband’s first name and my last name.

Son becoming an adult has added to confusion since the only difference between his and dad’s name is an I (Dad is II and Son is III). Last month we weren’t sure who should get mail from the County Prosecutor that had no Roman numerals after the name.

It didn’t take us long to discover that there was an address very similar to ours. In fact the only difference is the direction. The number is the same, the street name is the same. We are East and there is a West.

We could have dined on many pizzas we didn’t order. We even almost had a dumpster delivered. Husband discovered it as he was leaving for work.

We’ve even gotten dunning calls from businesses trying to find people who have lived on West (it’s a four unit apartment).

Last night before we went to bed, we heard of a body being found in a house about 2 blocks south of us. This morning’s paper provided more information, some I was pretty sure was going to be trouble.

This morning’s paper gave us information such as the deceased man’s name, the fact that one of his sons was arrested for obstruction with the police and domestic violence with his brother. Strangely, they gave the address for the other brother. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was trouble. It was West.

Sure enough, about noon, Husband heard the porch screen door open, he unlocked our front door to see who was here. I was on the couch when I heard a female voice say, “Does Paul and Elizabeth still live here?” I recognized the male’s name from the paper as the brother who had lived at West.

Husband answered, “No.” I shouted out to them, “That’s WEST!”

Husband repeated my advice.

As Husband came in he commented, “Obviously they stay in close touch.”

I think I want to go back to just getting the wrong mail.