Most of my family – mother, two brothers and a sister – live where we were all born. Only one sister and I wandered from “home”. I live two hours away and S.J. lives about a 10-hour drive.

Like most families, we do try to get together for holidays, major and minor, and birthdays. Depending on my schedule or that of my husband and/or son, we will go north. Sis isn’t usually able to make the trek without major planning. That doesn’t stop anyone from inviting all of us.

The following “discussion” recently took place among my siblings and me about Memorial Day.

CJ:Hello Everyone!

Just wondered if anyone was available or even interested in getting together sometime next weekend for a cookout. The lake house is open Saturday, Sunday or Monday.
Let me know which day works best for you.

SJ: Thanks so much for including us — I really wish I/we could make it!

Miss you all. Wish I could just blink & be there (or you could just blink & be here — Nutmeg & I would love the company:).

Have PHUN!!!

LJ: O, no,no! You click your ruby slippers together. Gees! Blink and be there! Whoever heard of such a thing?

RJ: Wrong! You call Scotty or twitch your nose.

SJ: LOL…I forgot there were so many options!!! All great suggestions — will start working on them immediately;)

LJ: : > )

If I decide, too, may I share these on my blog? It will help explain where I come from.

SJ: You may — cute! (BTW, I’m thinking Jeannie ‘blinked’, didn’t she?;)

LJ: She crossed her arms in front of her and nodded her head, probably while blinking.

LJ: (again) I just asked Bill (my husband). He says, “At that time in my illustrious career, I was more concerned with her costume than her actions.”

SJ: 🙂

RJ: Nuff said.

All these exchanges took place over e-mail and as quickly as if we were sitting in the same room having an actual discussion.

CJ, who started the conversation teaches and was not at a computer to see what transpired until the end of the day when she came home and replied:

CJ: I was lost as to what these e-mails were all about since I read them in the wrong order. Now I get it! Yes Jeannie did blink. I would just tell you to think lovely thoughts and sprinkle the Fairy dust.

Now you know why the circus is missing a few clowns. There in my family.