Two local business men, who became friends of mine, recently sold their bakery and retired. The sale included the equipment and the recipes.

The new owners will be changing the bakery’s name.

I’m sure that Bob and Roger didn’t precisely time their closing with the last of their business cards. Since I always try to be a helpful friend, I thought I should come up with a list of top ten things to do with old business cards.

It was easy to come up with ten. In fact, eleven and twelve just proved the cookie wasn’t crumbling. But what sense did a top twelve list make. I thought that I should work to get a number which is divisible by five.

Fifteen spawned sixteen and seventeen. A slice of cheesecake later and voilá I had twenty.

Without further ado, I present

Twenty things to do with old business cards

1. Build a house of business cards.
2. Crosscut shred for confetti, then throw a party.
3. Use as bookmarks.
4. Revive the Victorian custom and use them as calling cards(may take some scratching out).
5. Origami practice sheets.
6. Really awful toilet paper.
7. Alternative for dental floss or toothpicks.
8. Small note cards or scrap paper.
9. Leave under car windshield wipers at the mall.
10. Build boats for ants.
11. World’s smallest post cards.
12. Decoupage.
13. Tiny paper airplanes.
14. Cut them into smaller various sizes for a pocket jigsaw puzzle.
15. Make small paper hats for the Geico gecko.
16. Make small flip books (draw something on the edge so when you fan through them it looks as if the drawing is moving.”)
17. Tape them to toothpicks to make fans for dolls.
18. Compost filler.
19. Paper footballs (ask any sixth grader).
20. Support your local landfill.

That should be enough to get them started. They’re retired now. I’ll let them continue the list. Good luck Bob and Roger.