As I progress through life, I become more and more aware of me. That is not narcissistic, it’s self-awareness. For example, I am a very few days back from my favorite travel trip to Booktopia (more in a future blog about that). I am exhausted. I’ve known the happy weariness of travel before, but it is this time that I realize in this instance a large part of my fatigue is that my personal light switch has been “on” for 4 days and not only “on” but the rheostat is turned to full blinding brightness. For an introvert (yes, I am), this is depletion of energy. I need to withdraw, sleep, and recover.

The sleep part of this process bordered on reel life. I awoke this morning, thinking I was about to get up and get my day in motion. I turned on the bedroom TV to watch Today on NBC. Soon I was drifting in and out of slumber.

When I do this TV-on-snoozing waltz, sometimes my worlds jumble. I distinctly remember being the nanny for Katie Couric’s children. Katie actually has no idea who I am. Matt Lauer and Al Roker have been in my dreams, too. I do know it’s because the TV was on and infiltrated my morning naps.

This morning news could have had me spending time with the Pope in either New York City or Philadelphia. It could be real. I have cousins in both city that I could stay with. My subconscious took a different tact.

Instead Morpheus decided on a more political plan. In my dream, I pulled out a chair at a round table where John Boehner was seated alone.

I asked him if we could have a private discussion, Buckeye to Buckeye, Catholic to Catholic about some of our idealogical differences. He agreed.

I don’t know any more about our fantasy time together except one potentially headline making thing. Neither one of us cried.