My next blog posting was going to be about Booktopia (several stories to tell) or green finger nails or my super hero power or something I’ve discovered about my Fitbit. All good fodder, but…

I am upset. I am upset because of the news from Thursday, October 1, 2015. I am upset because another shooting in a school has taken place. I could be upset because I found out from one of the campus security guards at the university where I work.

A few hours later, one of our “regular” patrons came in worried about whether I would be protected if something similar happened at our campus. I assured him that there was a plan.

It’s not just that I work at a school. I’ve had two friends who know first hand about the dreadful phone call that went out to ten people’s families. One had a son who was killed at Virginia Tech. The other’s niece was one of the teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. Even if I didn’t know these two loving people, I would still be upset about the carnage, the inhumanity, the loss of life.

I’m also upset because of the futile arguments between those espousing gun control and those in favor of the NRA’s contrary position. Few listen to the other’s discourse. The gap between sides may not widen, but it certainly rarely converts any one.

Recently I read that President Lyndon Johnson wrote a letter to Congress on September 14, 1967 requesting “the Congress to serve the public interest by promptly enacting this vital gun control legislation.” ( For almost a half-century we’ve been without a satisfactory solution.

I don’t have an answer. I do have questions, though. Starting with “How many more people have to die before, as a society, we can say we’ve done what we can to end this senseless killing?”